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Counselors, Therapists, and Psychologists:

Whether you're a career or executive coach or counselor, or a therapist or psychologist, let GENEius inform you and your clients about their cognitive strengths and weaknesses using our state-of-the art cognitive genetic testing.


for psychologists & therapists

Genetics has a lot to offer to psychologists and therapists. 

The things that are happening inside of our patients’ heads can be some of their most significant sources of distress and discomfort. In therapy, they may describe frustration about always running late, difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping, and feeling forgetful.

All of these complaints contain cognitive and psychological components. These examples, along with a host of other common cognitive complaints, have the potential to be improved with the knowledge that can be gained from cognitive genetics testing from GENEius.

How can I use this information?

This GENEius report can inform the clinical approach, facilitate decision-making and support goal setting. It can guide treatment recommendations while providing scientifically objective insights into behavioral patterns, cognitive complaints and sources of distress.

Potential applications are wide-ranging. 

Here are just a few ways to employ genetic cognitive testing in your work:

  • Explore and better understand why a patient has a history of poor decision-making

  • Aid a patient in making sounder career decisions

  • Provide tools and feedback to help your client understand a recent setback

How will this information be presented in the report?

A report will be generated for each patient, and you do not need a PhD in genetics to make sense of the information presented to you and apply it in practice. You will see a group of gene names, with brief descriptions about each of them impacts cognitive function and potential. In line with each gene, you will find the patient’s individual result and an explanation of how that result impacts cognition. When relevant, the report will include recommendations, associated risks, and other information useful when interpreting results. (insert link to example).

Why should I use or recommend GENEius for obtaining objective genetic data in my practice?

On several measures, GENEius provides data and a testing method superior to written assessments and other traditional forms of cognitive testing. This method of data collection stands apart from others because it is:

  • Efficient: unlike traditional assessments which are time consuming to administer, GENEius presents no time investment or inconvenience

  • Objective: unlike written assessments, which are vulnerable to biases and the influence of psychological and environmental factors, genetic cognitive testing is indifferent to these factors

  • Scientific: an objective result carries adds weight and proof to your guidance

  • Valuable: this testing method yields the highest possible ratio of objective information per level of client effort required


for career coaches

Sometimes, people reach a crossroads in their career. Perhaps they’re falling behind in performance evaluations. Maybe they feel like they don’t “fit” into the dream job they worked so hard to get, without any inclination as to why. In those moments, they may choose to seek out a career coach.

Interestingly, many of these dilemmas your clients face can be driven by cognitive factors, and that makes GENEius an ideal partner for you—their career coach.

Whether they’re feeling lost, looking to accelerate, or ready to make a life-altering change, GENEius reports will allow you and your clients to learn more about their predisposed aptitudes and talents, then help unlock them for the betterment of their career.


How does GENEius help?

Exploratory work

Prior to starting a job search, GENEius reports can help you and your client identify their options through revealing their cognitive talents. From there, you can match them with the roles that best use their skill set.

For example, budding architects would benefit from a high spatial ability marker. However, if your client’s is on the lower end, you might agree that their dream is an unrealistic target. Of course, the reverse would also be true.


You can leverage GENEius reports to identify possible roadblocks and create a personalized game plan based on your client’s goal.

Let’s go back to the architect example above. Knowing that spatial ability may be a potential hurdle, you and your client can identify proactive ways to improve on that skill as part of their overall career strategy should they decide they still want to target that field.

Building a story

Career change is possible, but the story has to make sense to the employer. In working with clients attempting a total career pivot, you can use GENEius reports to identify cognitive strengths they’ve used throughout their career that can be taken advantage of in a new role. Identifying the rationale behind a major move and zeroing in on the strengths that have always been there will help your client create a narrative as they begin networking to get the job they want. 

Interview preparation

Learn how to frame accomplishments and skills. For some clients, the reason they excelled in previous roles may remain a mystery, but with GENEius, you can help them understand their skills and train them to articulate those skills with confidence. Being able to point to creativity and divergent thinking from their report can help them also identify other patterns and examples as they interview.


for executive coaches

Use GENEius to help your senior executive clients tap into their cognitive potential, better understand themselves as leaders, make better organizational decisions, and of course, boost their business. The Executive report will help your client be proactive, confident, and well informed about the capabilities that lie within.

How can you use the report?

Develop high-potential performers into leaders

The first step in developing leadership skills is improving self awareness. With GENEius, you can help your clients identify strengths and weakness, as well as credibility and objectivity. Many clients—even at an executive level—have yet to discover who they are on a deeper level. GENEius reports can serve as a shortcut to understanding your client in a more robust way, as well as rapport and trust throughout the coaching experience.

Address toxic behavior

Sometimes, understanding the true reasons for bad decisions is challenging. With a GENEius report, you can identify a factor, such as low impulse control, and then coach your executive client on how to improve their performance. Behavioral change doesn’t come easily, but understanding its underlying cause may help you develop more impactful strategies and a framework to quickly identify future situations that require intervention.


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