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Is Happiness Genetic?

Millions of people go through life never realizing their strengths, not improving on their weaknesses, and failing to achieve their full potential.

Here’s something few people realize—everyone is a genius at something.

The GENEius Executive Function report offers insight into what your genetic strengths are and how you can improve them. You’ll learn where your weaknesses may be and how to mitigate them. You will know yourself better, and have the tools to be on your way to maximizing your potential.

GENEius Performance Report
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With the Executive Function report from GENEius, you’ll gain a better understanding of your own genetic skill set, knowing exactly where your competitive edge and happiness lie.

We have sifted through all the relevant scientific literature to find the gene variants that are most relevant for your personal and professional development.

Along with our Executive Function DNA report, you’ll get a detailed guides to improving each characteristic written by our team of healthcare professionals.

What’s in the Executive Function report?

For less than price of a tank of gas, the Executive Function DNA report will reveal:

  • Whether you are genetically predisposed to superior working memory and the steps you can take to improve it.

  • Which variant of the CHRNA4 receptor you posses, and how this impacts your attention.

  • Your genetic predisposition for insight problem solving (those ‘aha’ moments you sometimes get) and what you can do to build up your problem solving skills.

  • If you’re you a short sleeper. Some people only need 5-6 hours of sleep a night to maintain optimal function. Are you one of them?

  • And more!

Order Your Performance Report Now

How it works:


1.  Order your report. We will send you an email with a link where you will…

2.  Upload your raw DNA data from your ancestry.com or 23andMe account. 

3.  In under two days, you’ll receive your report via email. And yeah, you’ll be amazed.

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