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What to Do with Your Raw DNA Data

Have your 23andMe raw DNA data?

Now what?

Companies like 23andMe and Ancestry.com allow you to download your raw DNA data (Click here to learn more about Raw DNA Data). But once you have it, what do can you do with it?

There are many companies now offering to analyze your raw DNA data. Each company provides a specific set of genetic traits that they can analyze, but there is some overlap.

We’ve gone through many and here are some of the best:


Genomelink, created by the company AWAKENS, has a mission of unleashing the power of DNA by creating an infrastructure in consumer genomics and by catalyzing the DNA-personalization movement. After you submit your raw DNA data, you can use their DNA Dashboard to easily view genetic traits which include physical traits, personality, intelligence, nutrition, and even fitness-related genetic attributes. Genomelink’s team consists of a handful of young entrepreneurs. But, what sets Genomelink apart from the pack is that they offer their current service for free.


XCode Life

XCode Life aims to empower individuals globally with knowledge about their genes. Using state-of-the-art tools in genetics and bioinformatics, the company aims to produce curated and understandable genetic reports that can be used by professionals and individuals alike. XCode Life provides genetic reports from your raw DNA data on topics ranging from skin care to nutrition, available in a variety of packages ranging from $20 to $100.

Though XCode Life is one of the more expensive platforms and there does not seems to be any information about XCode’s team, what does sets them apart is their most comprehensive looks at your raw DNA data. Depending on the reports you purchase you can receive insights about your genes, including things like disease risk, physical traits, nutrition, allergies, skin care, and even the interactions your genes may have with certain medications.



The company Promethease takes raw DNA data analysis a bit further. Besides curating a number of reports from disease risk to physical traits, the company acts as a literature retrieval system and connects the alleles you have to scientific publications that document and report on that genetic variation. Promethease only charges $12 to upload your raw DNA data and you can even combine data files from multiple companies and have them analyze the files together for a more complete report.

What sets the Promethease platform apart is that it gives you advanced research tools to help discover the actual scientific discussions evolving around genes you carry.


GENEius (This is us!)

GENEius is a company focusing on the cognitive side of genetics, offering reports on cognitive traits such as creativity, memory, problem solving, learning styles and more. These reports range from $15 - $45.

The reports provided by GENEius will allow you to know the versions of the genes you have, and how these variations may affect your mental acuity. Along with these reports, GENEius provides action plans to help you improve on the traits in the reports.  

GENEius makes the claim that they are the “smartest genetic testing on the planet” because they focus on traits like creativity, problem-solving, memory, and other cognitive functions. While this does make them unique on the marketplace, what really sets them apart is sets them apart is that their team consists of Ph.Ds in neuroscience, genetics and psychology.