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Learn about your cognitive genetics with GENEius.

the challenge

Genetics are complicated, and with hundreds of thousands of scientific papers published every year, it’s hard to get up to speed. Even if you were interested, and had unlimited hours to read each one, could you decipher all the jargon? Would you know what the latest in cognitive and genetic research actually means for you? How could you apply this research in your every day life?

our mission

That’s where GENEius comes in. We take all that research, apply our PhDs in neuroscience and genetics , analyze your genetic profile, and generate insights that are simple, clear, and applicable in your life, present and future.

why geneius?

Simply put—because we know neuroscience, we’re backed by proprietary technology, and we know how to hand you something you can actually use. There are tens of thousands of genetic mutations that affect people in myriad ways, and there are dozens of companies who can provide you with that information. But we do something more. We translate that information and focus it on cognition—the most complex aspect of neuroscience. The result? Actionable knowledge and advice that helps you make the most of your natural strengths.